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Reliable Sources To Learn About Fisher F2 Metal Detector

Many keen treasure F2 will tell you that a high-end metal detector is not a toy, but the Fisher F2 Metal Detector takes this to a new level. This machine is designed for kids with lots of kid-friendly elements, but it is definitely more than a toy. This mini-machine has an operating frequency of 6.6 MHz, 6 A closed weather resistant coil and much more at the time of writing, this product was the #1 best seller in metal detectors on Is this the ideal model for kids that want to take the hobby seriously?

Does this have any impact on the child's enjoyment of the Fisher F2 Metal Detector?

Some parents may wonder how this "middle ground" machine works as a compromise between fun toy and real machine. Is it too complicated and dull to be entertaining? Does it feel too much like a cheap version of the real thing? There are 5 star reviews from parents of boys and girls from the ages 01 7-12 that talk about the enjoyment of the product and the ongoing use. This backs up the idea that this is a long-term product that is much more than a toy. Naturally, there are also the odd reports of kids getting bored with it after a day or two, but you can't please them all If anything, this reinforces the idea that this is a built for kids that are into the idea of metal detecting as a hobby, not just those that want to find buried treasure now and then.

Most kids seem to be impressed with what they get here. The machine provides all the actions they were hoping for, perhaps more so than the toys they may have initially been looking at, but it is not too complicated either. There is a small learning curve with the dials and sensitivity, but this is a positive part of the experience for kids that want to learn. The discrimination control is great because it will eliminate any readings for waste and unwanted metals. This means that kids should be able to search for a metal type, wait for the beep as they try and locate it and then enjoy the reward of the discovery. Too many confusing signals and false readings from rusty nails are sure to put a dampener on the whole situation.


The Fisher F2 Metal Detector is designed for the entry level hobbyist. It has a number of features that support that design objective.These include:
  • Visual and audio target identification – with 8 visual segments and 4 audio tones
  • Quick and very sensitive target response.
  • Large display with 2 digit numeric target value – this makes things really simple for the hobbyist treasure hunter.
  • Numeric depth readout.
  • One touch target pinpointing.
  • Coin depth indicator when in Motion Search Mode – The coin depth indicator is a really great feature of the F2 and is probably my pick of the entry level coin detecting machines.
  • Notch system for accepting/rejecting targets.
  • 5.9 kHz operating frequency.
Are there any clear drawbacks to this detector because of this focus on a "junior" specification?

There are some elements to the specification of this machine that show that it is definitely simplistic compared to other models. This machine doesn't have the largest range in the world as it detects larger objects up to 3-foot-deep and coins up to 5 inches. Having said this, many parents have been surprised by the capabilities and expected far less. Realistically, this should be plenty for kids that are just getting started around the back yard or nearby fields.


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