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Bounty Hunter LSTAR Land Star Metal Detector Has The Answer To Everything

Battery testing  You can test whether the batteries are good by turning the right knob fully counterclockwise. If the batteries are functioning properly, the needle on the battery tester moves to the right and enters the green zone on the indicator label.

Why buy the Bounty Hunter LSTAR Land Star Metal Detector?

Affordability- Compared to other LSTAR Land Star metal detectors in the market, the BountyHunter LSTAR Land Star Metal Detector on Amazon is the most favorably priced detector. It can be a less expensive option for a kid's birthday present. Besides, it comes with long lasting batteries that can power the detector to function even when they are about to run dry. You will also get headphones for clearer sound detection.

Lightweight but sturdy— The Bounty Hunter LSTAR Land Star Metal Detector is made for children between six and twelve years of age. It is, therefore, designed using lightweight materials so that the child can carry it around with ease. The detector is designed ergonomically to stand all kinds of weather and the stress the children might put it under during their "treasure" hunting escapades. The coil is closed inside a weather resistant material to ensure that it lasts for long.

Easy to use — Once you remove the detector form its box you only have to fit the batteries and it's ready for use The detector comes with a user's manual that can quickly inform on how to put in the batteries and start hunting. Its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to handle and easy to use Children and amateurs find the Bounty Hunter LSTAR Land Star Metal Detector very interesting to use

Adjustable size — The detector can be used by children of different heights and ages. To suit the size of any child, adjust the length of the detector's shaft. Loosen the tube clamping by performing a quarter turn, hold the top tube with one hand and the search coil with the other. To make the detector shorter, pull the two tubes together and then tighten the tube clamping. If you want to make it longer, pull the tubes apart.

1-year warranty — Just as most products on Amazon which come with a generous warranty, the Bounty Hunter LSTAR Land Star Metal Detector comes with a one-year warranty. This warranty depicts that the manufacturer is confident that the detector is well designed and will impress the user.
The children can do their treasure hunting in the backyard, at the beach or their favorite park. When using it at the beach, the user should take care not to immerse the coil in water as it will get damaged. The parent should direct the child to move the detector's coil over the beach sand and collect the treasures.

Bounty Hunter LSTAR Land Star Metal Detector General Features

  • 4 professional modes of operation.
  • 9V battery (can last up to 10 hours).
  • Programmable notching System (three stages).
  • Can discriminate various types of metal (including iron).
  • 4-Level Iron Discrimination.
  • Waterproof search coil.
  • 8″ Interchangeable coil.
  • Large LCD display (with target IT and depth indication).
  • Can reach up to 10 inch depth.
You now have another healthy and interesting way of providing quality entertainment to your family. Don't let your child's eyes pop out before screens all day while they could be leaning new things that nature has to provide. Purchase a Bounty Hunter LSTAR Land Star Metal Detector today and let your children have a new outdoor experience. When you order the detector on Amazon, you are sure to receive it within two or three days.


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