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Bounty Hunter Camo LS Metal Detector Review

The best time to go metal detecting is on the beach after a storm. The storm's angry, churning waves help to break loose a lot of treasures from the sandy bottom and wash them up for deposit along the beach and shoreline. Many nice nuggets and terrific treasures can be found after such weather events. Just be sure to steer clear of any storm debris so that you don't get injured. If the area is roped off, please heed the warning signage and stay out of those places. If you don't, you could be facing some hefty fines and/or injury. They've probably got it roped off for a very good reason.

 Features of Bounty Hunter Digital Metal Detectors Camo LS:

Ground Track automatic ground balancing.
Manual ground balance.
4-level Iron Discrimination.
Digital Coin-Depth Indicator.
Touch Pad Selection.
3-Tone Audio Discrimination.
Notch Mode to manually "notch-out" a specific range of items.
Auto-notch for automatic elimination of common.
No-Motion Mode.
8" Waterproof search coil.
5-Years Limited Warranty.

Please note that if you're having it shipped to someone as a gift, that it will get sent in the original product packaging, which may reveal the product contents to the recipient. You can solve this Bounty Hunter Camo LS Metal Detector issue by specifying that it is a gift at the time of order placement. That way it will get wrapped, the recipient will be surprised and there will be less of a chance that it will get stolen off the recipient's front porch. Some passers-by have been known to snatch up unattended packages. There have even been reports of people following behind the UPS trucks in their car, and then scooping up whatever packages they choose to once the truck is further down the road, out of sight.

It is a sad commentary on today's state of affairs, yes, but it has happened and it continues to.

One of the drawbacks of the Bounty Hunter Camo LS Metal Detector is that it does not have an input for a set of headphones. Using headphones while searching for buried treasure is helpful in that the headphones block out external noises and allow you to hear the pings from the detector more clearly. Also, using headphones helps preserve the life of the batteries, making them last much longer.

Remember to keep it a safe distance away from other metal detectors when you're out there hunting, because they can short each other out. If this happens, simply turn both units off and try replacing the batteries with a fresh set. This should solve the problem.

Don't forget the accessories! You'll also want a sand scoop, a sand sifter pan, and a small metal hand trowel at the minimum. There are other more advanced tools available, such as pin pointers. You might also invest in a number of markers, like little flags, golf tees or poker chips to place on the ground when the detector indicates that it has located an object. That way you can just place a marker and come back later to dig. This helps preserve the battery life of the unit as well.
Folks have used this Bounty Hunter Camo LS Metal Detector to successfully find everything from $800 rings to shell casings in a backyard shooting range. It has been used on surfaces ranging from slushy snow to green grass. They are not for use indoors, because they will pick up signals from all the electrical wiring in the walls of your home.


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